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What is Official language Proficiency Examination ?

This examination which consists of two parts (written and oral) is designed to access one’s capability of discharging official duties in the other (second) official language, instead of his/her mother tongue

For whom ?

The employees to whom the Public Administration Circulars No: 03/2007 and 07/2007 are applicable, can sit this examination.

How the Examinations are held

Examinations are held in Sinhala and Tamil Media under level I, II, III or I, II, III, IV based on the service category. This examination consists of two parts, written and spoken. The Written Examination is conducted by the Department of Examinations twice a year island wide and the Oral Test by the Department of Official Languages at Province level.

Applying for the Examination

Is it compulsory for you to achieve official language proficiency? If so, prepare your application in compliance with the Government Gazette Notification published by the Commissioner of Official Languages and send the duly completed application to reach the Commissioner General of Examinations. Then, you will be called for the written examination.

  • In case you belong to Level III as per the service category, you should obtain at least 16 marks for the written test or if you belong to Level I or II at least 28 marks for you to be called for the interview conducted by the Department of Official Languages.
  • If you are an officer who has passed the second language at the G.C.E (O/L) Examination as per the Public Administration Circular No. 01/2014, you will be called for the oral test by way of a gazette notification published in that regard.
  • You are allowed to complete both the written test and the oral test within approximately 3 years

How to Issue Results and Award Certificates ?

  • Your results are issued at the completion of both parts of the examination.
  • Upon your successful completion of both written and oral tests, the Department of Official Languages offers you a valuable certificate printed on a hard paper, as a further appreciation.

Are the candidates entitled to the Language Incentive after passing this examination?

  • If you have been appointed to the relevant post prior to 01.07.2007 and have passed the relevant examination having applied for the same as per the Public Administration Circular N0: 03/2007, you are entitled to obtain the language incentive referred to in the said circular through your Head of the Institution.