The Department of Official Languages, being the official translator to the Government, performs translation tasks in the three languages - Sinhala, Tamil and English on behalf of the Government and Semi-Government institutions. The Department provides translation services to the Government institutions free of charge and as per the Public Administration Circular No: 2003/ (1), charges will be applied to semi-Government institutions.

You may receive our translation service only if no any translators are currently attached to your establishment. We are always ready to provide you with the best professional translation service.

For this purpose,

  • Send the document/s for translation in pursuance of the relevant instructions via the link on the website and we will email you the translated text/s as soon as possible.
  • If internet facility is not available, send the hard copy of the document for translation along with a covering letter addressed to the Commissioner of Official Languages.

How long will it take to get the job done?

Documents for translation are processed in the order they are received from various establishments. However, this order may change in case of urgency. The duration to accomplish a translation task may differ depending on the nature of the original document.

Further, we maintain a pool of translators and a web site - “” to provide you with other language facilities. On the website, services in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages are available through the qualified Language Facilitators who live in your area.

In addition to that, a pool of facilitators competent in several foreign languages is being developed.

The Department of Official Languages has made advances in the computer software which produces Sinhala and Tamil translations.

Further, as special tasks carried out by the division, we proudly celebrate ;

  • World Mother Language Day
  • International Translation Day

Section Head

Ms. E. M. S. W. Iriyagama
Assistant Commissioner (Translation)

+94 112 877 231

Other Officers

Mr. H. A. N. D. Hettiarachchi
Superintendant of Translations (Acting) (Sinhala /English)

Translators (Sinhala/ English)

 Ms. K. A. T. Rupika  Translator - I
 Mrs. Nayani Gunawardhane  Translator - I
 Mrs. Chaamila Perera  Translator - I
 Ms. Shashini Jayaratna  Translator - I
 Mr. Tharaka Wishwanath  Translator - I
 Ms. Indeewari Welagedara  Translator - I
 Mr. Vijith Amarasinghe  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Ms. Mandakini Akmeemana  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Ms. Thilini Senavirathne  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Mrs. Upekha Rajapkse  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Ms. Amavasya Sirisena  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Mrs. Sachithra Jayathilaka  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Mrs. Udani Dilshika  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Mrs. Poornima Mayadunna  Translator - II (Departmental)
 Mrs. Ayesha Shyamali De Soysa  Development Officer
 Mr. Dayan Kumara  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. Mala Jayasekara  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. Nilani Jayawardhane  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. Priyanthi Bandara  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. Vineetha Pehelika  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. A. A. Ushani  Translator Assistant
 Mr. Jayaruwan Bandara  Translator Assistant
 Mrs. Sunethra Serasinghe  Translator Assistant

Translators (Sinhala/ Tamil)

Mrs. P. S. L. Kumari Translator - I
Mr. R. P. Gamage  Translator - I
Mrs. Lasanthi Peiris  Translator - II (Departmental)
Ms. R. P. Suwandika  Development Officer
Ms. P. L. Kumari Peiris  Development Officer
Mr. M. A. M. Fawzer  Translator Assistant

Translators (English/ Tamil)

Mr. T. Santhirasegaram Translator - I
Mrs. Pavuthira Kannathas Translator - II (Departmental)
Ms. K. Sajini Translator - II (Departmental)
Ms. M. N. F. Haseena Translator - II (Departmental)
Mrs. Jeyanandi Translator Assistant
Mr. P. Jayaseelan Translator Assistant


Mrs. W. R. A. L. Sandeepani Development Officer
Ms. Shanthi Samanmalee Development Officer
Mrs. W. M. T. B. K. Wanninayake Development Officer